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    Made this for my boyfriend

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    IRON FIST by Mahmud Asrar

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    Artist Showcase: J. H. Williams III

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    Batman by Esad Ribic

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    Covers for Batwoman #24, #26 and #23.

    Art by J. H. Williams III.

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  9. Anonymous said: what did you say to your ex that was so bad? do you think you guys will ever get back together?

    I basically said “Why wasn’t I good enough for you?” and it’s a stupid question now because the entire time we were together he was trying to get me to love myself and accept me for me, I had a lot of self esteem issues, I think I’ve conquered a good deal of those during the course of this summer and have learned to just love me, but I didn’t need to send a text asking him to explain everything when I’m the main root of the problem between us.


  10. Anonymous said: what is the kinkiest sexual thing you've ever done?

    Oh my kinkiest sexual thing I’ve ever done… I guess I’ve never been that kinky I mean I did get a rub down at a club between two guys… like hands in my pockets that weren’t my hands but not much else happened…