2. Would it be considered offensive if I put a Facebook status that said “Dear White People, stop making a bad name for the rest of us”?

  3. niknak79:

    There’s something unsettling about the peanut butter

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  4. fashiontipsfromcomicstrips:


    reimagined wonder woman

    I love love love this look, especially those gauntlets

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  6. I need to know who sent me all those cool nsfw questions… I want to return the favor.


  8. Anonymous said: how do we begin to solve institutional discrimination?

    When we start accepting everyone as equal and everyone worthy regardless of social status, color of skin, ancestry, country of origin, dialect, and multiple other factors. When we start perpetuating stereotypes in the media. Or… create a new planet. 


  9. Anonymous said: what's your ideal penis size?

    I’m not sure if you mean for me or for the person I’m with… so I’ll go with the last one. I mean I think you can handle anything as long as your safe and go slow… at least thats what porn has taught me. I guess I like guys on the average so it can please both of us without too much pain on the guy bottoming. 


  10. Anonymous said: swallow or not swallow?

    Totally safe unless you can prove you’ve been tested and I’ve been with you longer than a month.